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Elliot Niven has had his ups and downs, doing his best to run his dream down.  Ten years of playing in bars, hundreds of songs written and recorded and a handful life experiences to go along with it.

These days, he’s more likely to drive his acoustic folk-rock through your speakers and into your soul. As part of Edmonton duo El Niven & The Alibi, the singer/guitarist delivers rugged and restless tunes about liquor, love and lone wolves — fuelled by intoxicating blasts of twang, melody and honesty.  

“It’s kind of like therapy for us,” says Niven. “If I’m not happy about something, I’ll put it in a song.” 

Drummer Jeff Burwash is the other half of El Niven & The Alibi. The two started writing tunes and playing stripped-down yet raucous sets after putting the brakes on their previous project, Stone Iris, a reggae-turned-rock outfit, in 2016...



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