Winter is comin

We are flexin our hustle muscles harder than ever, and havin a blast wrappin up these new recordings. We went out to Vancouver earlier this summer and tracked the better part of a new album with Mitch Merrett and Clayton Bellamy producing it. We also played a number of festivals this summer. Was rad AF. Thanks to Beaumont Roots and Blues, K-Days, Pigeon Lake and Come By The Hills for havin us out. ‘Twas epic. Stay tuned for a ton more context coming out soon on our YouTube channel. We have much we are stoked to show y’all.

Summer/Fall 2018

We have never played so dang much!

We are lucky enough to have been pretty busy! The summer was filled with tons of touring and we played some great festivals. We are hunkering down for another winter, but the shows don’t stop! Keep your ears to the ground, and your eyes peeled. We will be releasing some new content and playing on a stage near you. Catch ya soon!